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     As a drummer and multi-instrumentalist with twenty-plus years of experience, I have been able to develop my artistic passions into a viable career. 

      I am a certified audio engineer, and opened Antithesis Recording Studio in 2007.  Since then, I have produced many bands from the region, ranging from metal and acoustic rock to electronic. In addition to mixing and mastering tracks, I also work as a session drummer.

      In 2014, I began teaching drums at Let There Be Rock School in Frederick, Maryland, where I have been able to nurture the musical talents of my students. 

     If I'm not performing or recording for clients, I spend time working on my personal music projects, Diffractions and Atomic Automaton, or painting and drawing large scale, monochromatic pieces depicting the human race's connection to our planet and solar system. 

Bands I've produced:

Offensive  Devil's Reef  Cyber Strike  Faith In Jane  Vetis  Never Say Die  Storms of September  Novarium  Atomic 26 A.P.F   Marshall Stone  NFDY  Mikhail

Bands I've performed with:

Exist  Inoculum  Luminosity  Anubis Unbound  Vitality
Bound State  Mikhail  The 10th Hour

Gal Holiday & The Honky Tonk Revue




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Tel: 301-788-0453

Based in

Frederick, Maryland

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